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Did You Get A Flick of That? Vol 1 - Photos of Graffiti from my Archive - ( 1995 - 2005 )

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Did You Get A Flick of That? Vol 1 - Photos of Graffiti from my Archive - ( 1995 - 2005 )

June 2023
ISBN 979-8-9860170-2-0
11 inches wide x 8.5 tall ( 22 x 8.5 open )
Paperback - 164 pages,

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"Did you Get A Flick Of That? - Vol 1 -  Photos of Graffiti from my Archive ( 1995 - 2005 ) Is a deep dive into my photographic archives, many of which until now have sat dormant in photo albums for decades. Call it a midlife crisis but sometime back I felt the need to get these photos organized, scanned, published and then shared with the world. This first volume include's some of my favorite pictures of Graffiti from the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Garbage freights in Bushiwick, The Sunny Side Scrap yard in Astoria, Black books, Hand styles, Danbury & New Haven Connecticut, as well as Jersey City And Newark, New Jersey. All photos were shot by me between 1995 - 2005 and is a definite must have for any Graffiti aficionado or History buff. 


And While supplies last Im offering a Deluxe version that includes a random Hard copy Photograph that's featured in the book. ( $ 45.00)

VOL # 1  includes Over 400 full color photos from Aprox 265 different writers including.. Acne, Agua, Aks, Ame, Amaze, Aone, Area, Armer, Aroe, Ast, Aves, Aye, Baal, Beemer, Bek, Bes, Betz, Bils, Bio, BL, Brat, Brews, Busta, Camp, Chip 7, Caspo, Caine, Cer, Cern, Ces, Ceaze, Celo, Clark, Cecs, Child, C Note, Coe, Colo, Comik, Cope2, Cost, CS, Cycle, Darks, Daze, Daz, Deck, Deep, Dek, Demo, Delta, Demon 202, Deter, Devs, Dezo, DG, Dio, Dmand, Doms, Doom, Ead, Earsnot, Edit, Egon, Emit, Enz, Eroc, Espo, Ewok, Ezo, Fanta, Fetish, Fines, Flex, Flite, FN, Foe, Fore, Frank tkc, Gage, Gano, Gen2, Geo, Giz, Goal, Gry4, Hace, Haks, Haze, Hef, Hek Hgs, Hence, Hush Sports, Irm, JA, Jaze, JB, Jdm, Jerry Gant, Jeros, Jest, Jesus Saves, Jew, Jive, Jouk, Kadism, Kami, Karm25, Kasino, Kaws, Keeps, Kech, Kel 5mh, Kemos, Kern, Kerz, Kez5, King Bee, Koor, KR, Kriz, Kuma, Louie 167, Make, Mage, Math, Med, Ment, Meres, Merz, Mesoe, Met, Mint, Miss 17, Mize, MN, Mone, Monk, Mugz, Muk, Muse, Mutz, Myzer, Nace, Naisha, Need, Neks, Net, News, Nov, Noxer, Nuke, Nymz, OE, O'clock, Odie, Omye, OP, Ovie, Oze 108, Pane, Peak, Pepe, Per, PG, Phame, Phase 2, Pink, Poem, Pose 2, Pove, Pre, Prim, Psoup, Psycho, Pure, Rate, Rage 3, Rave, RD357, Rebel, Reps, Reo, Rem311, Rem Iof, Revok, Revs, Rime, Risk 9, RN, Ryno, Sace, Sabe, Sag, Sak, SB, Shameak, Scope, Seen, Sel dsk, Semz, Sento, Senz, Serk, Setup, Seme, Sever, Sex, Skert, Skrew, Skuf, Shone 237, SI, Sick 156, Sime, Slept, Smith, Snatch, SN, Snow, Soid, Some, Sonet, Soz, SP, Spot, Stak, Stem, Stren, Swatch, Sub, Tame, Task, Tdee, Teal, Teck BS, Tenz, Themo, Tie, Tilt, Tokeo, Tone 2, Topa, Tore, Trip, Twist, Ultra, Vaz, VE, Vet, Vent, VFR, Virus, Vortex, Vulcan, Wae, Wane, Web, West, Who 27, Year, Yes 2, Zine, Zyre, and many more..