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Power Kingdom - Graffiti in Poughkeepsie, NY ( 1990's & 2000's )

Power Kingdom - Graffiti in Poughkeepsie, NY ( 1990's & 2000's )

May 2022
Hard Cover Book
ISBN 979-8-9860170-0-6
11 inch wide x 8.5 inch tall ( 22 x 8.5 open )
224 pages

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"Power Kingdom" ( as Poughkeepsie is known amongst its local's) Is a historic look at my personal photo collection of Graffiti painted in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ( or passing through on the rails ) during the 1990's and 2000's. For years I've archived and saved these images, most have never been seen or published.
The book features an interview with Local OG REZONES on the history of Graffiti in Poughkeepsie plus over 400 Full color photos of writers including SEL, SOP, RUE, EWOK, ULTRA, SPER, SLEPT, GA, RAD NSK, CENT, EVAK, EGORE, JAS7, REM311, 2ILL, SNATCH, SMASH, JICK, BEL, REM IOF, SUB DF, MEZ, BAISE, SCM247, HEST, SKATCH, AZES, YORS, FILTER, MZR, HEIST3, SAG, TACO, SIEN5, PRE, SICK156, MONK, SADER, DURO3, TEDONES, JASE, MONE, ZINE, ABHOR, SIBL, SAYER, PRISMO, EPOK, METEW, WASTE, MUK123, MAKE, POWR, SHONE237, JEROS, DROID 907, DISTORT, RADICAL, and many more! This a must have for any 1990s Graffiti or history fan..